Yet Another System Admin Blog.

Come on, let’s face it. I am not original. Well I don’t intend to be.

I’m just one of those countless computer system administrators in the world, with white hairs and gnawed nails each time I bump into those usual problems in our job.

For my own sake, and hopefully for other people too, here’s a little share of my painful experiences, and when applied, the solutions. I’ll be as irreverent as I want to be, because I can.

I know, there’s Google, TechNet forums, Communities, Knowledge Bases and more … but sometimes, these are just not enough. Or too much.

Oh and I work mainly with Microsoft products. Not an apostle, not a zealot, just doing my job.

And for the casual blabla, I’m in my forty-something, living in Brussels, Belgium, and native French speaker (oh mon dieu!) so pardon my English.


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